Edexcel Smart Sheets


Smart Sheets are a comprehensive and self-paced electronic PDF resource which are designed to help students perform better when answering extended questions. Our extensive experience as teachers, authors and examiners indicate that students find extended writing difficult as accessing each AO is challenging. These resources will improve the confidence of your students and allow them to master the technique of answering these questions.

The Smart Sheets extended question electronic PDF resource pack includes many features which support young people to improve their extended writing ability. From Smart Steps (a structured approach to breaking a question down to understand its demands) to student friendly mark schemes which allow for peer/self/teacher feedback, we have all bases covered.


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"A great tool that could really help students of all abilities improve their 9 mark answers.”

Miss Carey - PE Teacher

What do the Smart Sheets cover?

The topics covered within this student friendly and comprehensive Smart Sheets resource pack include:


What do I get?

Applied Anatomy and Physiology
Muscle fibre types (two different questions)
Redistribution of blood

Movement Analysis
Levers (sample available below)

Socio-cultural Influences
Sportsmanship and gamesmanship
The media, the spectator and the sport

Sport Psychology
Mechanical and manual guidance
Visual and verbal guidance

Physical Training
Interval and weight training
Warm up
Components of fitness
Circuit Training
Long term effects of exercise

Health, Fitness and Well-being
Health and well-being
Balanced diet  


A 57-page PDF document including:

16 Smart Sheets.

16 student friendly mark schemes.

16 concise video tutorials totalling over 120 minutes.

16 student friendly feedback sheets.

A guide to writing all assessment objectives.

Easy to follow colour-coded ‘Smart Steps’.

Smart PE A3 Sample Pages 19-2 without Sample31.jpg

Why use Smart Sheets?

Smart Sheets will allow students of all abilities to master the technique of answering extended questions; over 120 minutes of video tutorials, carefully positioned guidance and key linking phrases offer support when tackling these difficult questions.

Student friendly mark schemes with AO mapping, feedback sheets and levelled criteria will allow for sustained progress as students are able to build on self/peer/teacher feedback

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